Best Driveway Alarm Systems

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Why are driveway sensors becoming so popular?

Many people are now considering driveway sensors to be an essential part of their home security. Being aware that someone has entered your property before they come to the door is key to being prepared. It may just be a friend arriving for a Sunday morning visit, or it could be a prowler at 3 AM. Either way, your driveway sensor will alert you and give you time to prepare by alerting you with a pleasant chime or even scaring away an intruder with a loud siren. You may even have your outside lights come on to welcome company or discourage an unwelcome visitor.

Driveway Sensor and Model Types:

Rubber air hose systems (similar to service stations) detect cars and trucks driving over the hose, and send a wireless signal back to the receiver in your home or office. These are the least expensive and a good choice if you only need to detect vehicles, and snow or ice is not a problem. The hoses need to be replaced every few years and snow removal equipment can damage them. Infrared motion sensor systems detect vehicles, people, and large animals. They are the best choice if you need to detect people walking. They may occasionally false sensor from animals and some environmental conditions. Magnetic vehicle detection systems are the best choice if you need to only detect vehicles. The metal sensing probe is usually buried beside or in the driveway and detects the vehicles passing by. You will never get a false sensor from animals, birds, wind etc. It will also work under snow and ice. We are pleased to offer a wide range of the best systems available. We carefully test each model made by the most reputable manufacturers. We have tested and rejected many "budget" brands that failed to meet our expectations.

We hope the following information will assist you in determining which system suits your needs:

Driveway Sensor Uses:

  • Never miss a visitor again.
  • Protect your home, family or office with a driveway sensor.
  • Prevent break-ins and theft by discouraging burglars.
  • Your family will always be notified of visitors arriving day or night.
  • Business's will be notified when a customer or delivery arrives.
  • You will be alerted with a pleasant chime, day or night if anyone enters your property or protected area.
  • Driveway sensors add security to your home or office.
  • Wireless Systems have become affordable and very easy to install.
  • A driveway sensor can be connected to an existing Security System.
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