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Why are driveway sensors becoming so popular? Driveway sensors are now a big part of a home’s security. Whether it’s a friend, family member or just a random visitor, it’s always nice to know when people are on the property. Robbery and Burglary are just 2 of the elevated crimes that are committed in Canada and the U.S.A. With the Dakota 2500, anyone that approaches the property will alert the owners of the property before getting to close to the premise. With the Dakota 2500s range being 2500 feet, you can sense people from a really far distance, and that is the security that property owners need. One of the best features of the 2500 unit is the ability to have different chimes/sounds when alerting the owners. There can either be a pleasant chime for when friends or family come, and during the late parts of the night it can be a loud siren. Driveway Sensor and Model Types Rubber air hose systems will detect cars, trucks, and any other vehicle driving over the hose. At that point a wireless signal is sent back to the receiver and tallied in a statistics setting. Another setting can be just simply sent to the home or office. These are the least expensive way to go if you only want to detect vehicles. One downfall of the rubber hose system is that the hose needs to be replaced every few years. On the other hand, it is cheap and for the average cost over a few years it is very cost effective. Rubber hose is susceptible to weather conditions, damage from cars, and other factors that might make the hose need to be replaced sooner. Infrared sensor systems are the best choice if you are going to be detecting people walking. There may be a false alarm or two with the infrared sensors because it will also sense animals, and some environmental conditions. Magnetic vehicle detection is the best choice if you need to detect vehicles only. The metal sensing probe is buried either beside the laneway or in it. There will never be a false sensor from birds, mammals, environment conditions, etc. It even works under snow and ice! Basics for choosing the correct Driveway Alarm System to suit the application: 1. Do you want to detect People? Vehicles? One location? More than one location? 2. How many of the locations need to be protected? 3. Figure out which point will be the largest/furthest sensor to the receivers 4. How many spots do you need receivers? 5. What needs to happen when the condition is met for the alarm to trigger? The Dakota 2500 is nearly identical to that of the 3000 except for one feature. The Dakota 2500 is able to produce a wireless range of up to 2500 feet! What that means is you can place the receiver 2500 feet away from the entrance monitor. Large warehouses and other large properties have utilized this technology so nothing is ever missed in the distance location. Never miss a visitor again. Protect your home, family or office with a driveway sensor. Prevent break-ins and theft by discouraging burglars. Your family will always be notified of visitors arriving day or night. Business's will be notified when a customer or delivery arrives. You will be alerted with a pleasant chime, day or night if anyone enters your property or protected area. Driveway sensors add security to your home or office. Wireless Systems have become affordable and very easy to install. A driveway sensor can be connected to an existing Security System
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